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  • Jersey Box Lacrosse

    Jersey Box Lacrosse

    The Manasquan Recreation Department and Jersey Box Lacrosse are teaming up
    to bring the new and exciting game of Box Lacrosse to the Manasquan area!

League Rules

House Rules:

*Two 20 minute halves with 5 minute intermission.

*6 players per side consisting of 5 'runners' and a goalie.

*Running clock.

*No shot clock or half court rule.

*No offsides.

*Each half starts with a face-off with ball on ground between sticks. These are the only 2 face-offs in the game.

*When a goal is scored, other team gets possession of ball immediately out of the net and play resumes.

*When ball goes out of play, the team who had possession last loses possession.

*Teams may substitute players in and out freely while the game is in play.

*Games ending in tie remain a tie. No overtime. 

Safety Rules/Penalties:

*Players must wear protective equipment (lax helmet w facemask, lax gloves, arm & shoulder pads). K-2 will be soft skills, so stick is only requirement.

*Players can check another players's stick below the shoulders when a player is on his or her feet.

*2-Minute Minor penalties: Too many players, tripping, charging, illegal checking, elbowing, holding ball with hands.

*10-Minute Major penalties: Butt ending, boarding, cross checking, throwing stick, face-masking. 

More Info:

*All players sign up as free agents through League Apps Registration page.

*This league is not designated to Manasquan residents. Anyone from anywhere can sign up to join!

*All payments are made to the Manasquan Rec Dept. Link soon to come!

*We will need to divide goalies up evenly and assign teams. If there aren't enough goalies we will provide equipment/goalies.

*All players will sign up as free agents.

*Rosters will consist of 10-12 players per team. If we need to make adjustments we will.

*We are looking for volunteer coaches at each level! If interested email

*Our K-2 division will consist of soft skills training. It will be developmental where the Jersey Box Lacrosse Coaching Staff will be teaching players the fundamentals and basics of the game. Volunteer coaches are welcome to join, learn, and assist us! This will not be a league. It will be structured training sessions from 9-10am on Sundays in the St. Denis Gymnasium.

*Our 3rd and 4th grade division will play in the St. Denis Gym following our K-2 training session. 3rd and 4th grade games will be played between 10am-1pm on Sundays. 

*Our 5th/6th & 7th/8th grade divisions will play at the Stockton Beach Park Outdoor Skating Rink on 2nd Avenue on Sundays. Times TBD. 

*If a particular division doesn't have enough players to form at least 2 teams, those players will combine and we will provide an 8-week instructional clinic for an hour each Sunday with live play through pick-up games at the end of each session. All divisions will be run by our professional staff at Jersey Box Lacrosse!

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